PRE-ORDER- The Path. A Journal From Pain to Purpose

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PRE-ORDER- Available late January 2018. 

The Path.  A Journal From Pain to Purpose.

How am I going to survive?  How will I ever get through this?  I just need one more day.

Filled with touching prompts, The Path is a journal that offers you a place to explore your emotions, to sit with your grief, to remember your loved one and begin to write the next chapter of your life.  

Based on her own approach to writing through her grief, Kelly has gathered some beautiful prompts that take the reader on a path from pain to purpose, with a focus on finding some good in each day, even when you're hurting. 

Take some time each day, remember, reflect and give thanks for the goodness that remains.  

The depth of your grief shows you the depth of your love for what is lost.
Allow yourself to shed the tears, to feel the pain and sit with the emotions.
The trials of your life will teach you.
Writing through your grief allows you to record a sacred remembrance, to capture the wisdom you are presented with in loss,
and to begin to write the next chapter of your story.
It may not be the story you thought you would live, but it can still be beautiful.
~Kelly S. Buckley~