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Kelly Buckley

The Path Journal Gift Package

The Path Journal Gift Package

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Following her two books on grief and gratitude, Just One Little Thing and Gratitude in Grief, Kelly S. Buckley now presents The Path: A Journal from Pain to Purpose. The journal is filled with impactful writing prompts covering topics on grief, ranging from things left unsaid to recurring memories to traditions and special days. “Grief can surge back like a rogue wave, even when the person looks just fine on the outside,” Buckley writes. This journal offers a guide to writing about the deep—and sometimes complex—parts of loss. 

Although this journal won’t change the pain of your loss, it will help you: 

  • Express your grief through the written word, sketching, doodling, and more 
  • Process conflicting emotions surrounding the loss of your loved one 
  • Give yourself compassion, love, and comfort during your darkest days 
  • Find gratitude in the little things 
  • Reflect on your experiences and emotions as you grieve 
  • Modify your internal conversations with affirmations to see the possibility and hope 

Your grief story deserves to be acknowledged and written. No matter what the circumstances, you can find purpose in your grief. The Path will help you create your unique roadmap through your grief, revealing tiny blessings and flickers of light along the way, guiding you to a place of gratitude and healing through even the most difficult of losses. 

Included in your package will be the following: 

  • Signed Journal  
  • Bookmark 
  • Bag of 10 Blessing Stones w/Cards 
  • JOLT Pen 
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