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Just One Little Thing

Just One Little Thing (10th Anniversary Edition)

Just One Little Thing (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Softcover Edition

After receiving a life-changing phone call on July 4th, 2009, Kelly Buckley embarked on the most arduous trip of her life. Her son, Stephen, had gone missing while swimming with friends. Within 24 hours, her life turned upside down. Stephen's body would be discovered by search and rescue divers.

Amid deep pain and gut-wrenching grief, Kelly began to write on the back of an envelope outside of the funeral home. Rather than writing about the unfairness of Stephen's passing, she makes a decision that will heal not only herself but countless others as well. Kelly vowed to seek out daily moments of gratitude and joy. Moments of light to overpower the darkness.

This special edition marks the tenth anniversary of Just One Little Thing, in which Kelly shares personal journal entries from the year following her son's passing. She reflects on the grief and suffering that left her with one option: to choose happiness. In finding just one little thing each day, Kelly turned pain into promises for brighter days. She transformed her grief into gratitude.

Kelly allowed herself to grieve with an open heart and accept the wisdom from life's difficulties. She believes these little moments, the miraculous gift of life, surround us no matter the circumstances. Finding gratitude in memories and contemplation, Kelly guides readers through her grief journey. A journey of laughs and tears, smiles and anger, darkness and light.

Throughout this moving and profound account, Kelly finds herself engulfed by the countless little things in life. Through it all, she fights to find hope through the fog of grief. Kelly's work has and will continue to, show the value of gratitude to those who need it most.

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